1. Data & AI

Data & AI

Microsoft has a vast number of Data and AI platforms and services.  As new products are added I will update the list.  If you have technical questions related to any of these, let me know.   First priority will be given to my federal customers, but I am happy to help.

Updated on 7/20/2018

AI and Machine Learning



Internet of Things

  • IoT Hub – Connect, monitor and manage billions of IoT assets
  • IoT Edge – Extend cloud intelligence and analytics to edge devices
  • IoT Central – Experience the simplicity of SaaS for IoT, with no cloud expertise required
  • IoT solution accelerators – Create fully customizable solutions with templates for common IoT scenarios
  • Azure Sphere – Securely connect MCU-powered devices from the silicon to the cloud
  • Time Series Insights – Explore and analyze time-series data from IoT devices
  • Azure Maps – Simple and secure location APIs provide geospatial context to data
  • Functions – Process events with serverless code
  • Event Grid – Get reliable event delivery at massive scale
  • Windows 10 IoT Core Services – Long-term OS support and services to manage device updates and assess device health
  • Machine Learning Services – Bring AI to everyone with an end-to-end, scalable, trusted platform with experimentation and model management
  • Machine Learning Studio – Easily build, deploy, and manage predictive analytics solutions
  • Stream Analytics – Real-time data stream processing from millions of IoT devices
  • Logic Apps – Automate the access and use of data across clouds without writing code
  • Notification Hubs – Send push notifications to any platform from any back end
  • Azure Cosmos DB – Globally distributed, multi-model database for any scale
  • API Management – Publish APIs to developers, partners, and employees securely and at scale