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Hi!  Welcome to Azure Data Geek.  My name is Kevin Tupper.  I work for Microsoft as a  Data and Artificial Intelligence specialist serving the public sector as a technology solution professional.  Basically, I help the federal government solve interesting or complex problems using technology.

What is Azure Data Geek?

Azure Data Geek is a personal wiki / knowledge base that I started on July 20, 2018.  I aggregate and curate content regarding the Azure Data and AI platforms and services to help me keep up with Microsoft’s breathtaking pace of innovation so I can better serve my customers.  Most of the source content is found within Azure’s documentation.

Who is Azure Data Geek for?

Primarily, Azure Data Geek is for me.  It allows me to keep up with all the innovation in this space and have a knowledge base from which I can serve my customers.  However, I also enjoy sharing what I am learning.

If you are technology decision-maker responsible for selecting a cloud provider or a practitioner implementing a solution that involves data, analytics, artificial intelligence, or machine learning on Azure, you will likely find useful information on this site.

Why should I use Azure Data Geek?

Innovation never ends, and the pace of it has accelerated with in the cloud.  Microsoft continuously improves its existing tools and releases new platforms and services regularly.  Sometimes this results in changes to best practices and approaches for a given solution.

Unfortunately, search engines have trouble keeping up with the pace and often return top links to content that is no longer accurate or relevant.   In addition, not everyone has the time, skills, or desire to research a topic and find the most helpful content.

My goal is to maintain a wiki-like knowledge base that provides relevant, helpful content and resources regarding the key platforms and services for data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning on Azure.

How often is Azure Data Geek updated?

I plan on posting one article each week and updating existing ones when the content is no longer current.  My aim is for the site to be an accurate, and helpful resource, not a voluminous one.


Although I work for Microsoft, any opinions expressed on this site are my own.

I offer my best effort at researching each topic thoroughly, not exhaustively.  That means some of the content I publish or link to may be inaccurate or obsolete.  I offer my best effort, but otherwise make no commitments, expressed or implied, regarding any of the content I publish or link to.