Hi!  Welcome to Azure Data Geek.  My name is Kevin Tupper.  I am a technology solutions professional for Microsoft specializing in Data and Artificial Intelligence.  I serve the public sector in a technical, pre-sales capacity.  Basically, I help the federal government solve interesting or complex problems with technology.

The role requires me to be highly conversant to technically proficient in Microsoft’s Data and AI offerings.  The Data and AI space includes all technologies related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Analytics, Databases, and Internet of Things.  That is a very large list technologies to cover, especially given Microsoft’s breathtaking pace of innovation.   To help me do this I have setup Azure Data Geek.

Azure Data Geek is my public sandbox.  Here I explore and share some of the whats, whens, and hows from Microsoft Azure’s Data and AI platforms.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is figuring out ways over technological hurdles and sharing what I learn with my customers.  If there is something on an Azure Data or AI platform that you need help with, let me know.  My first priority is to my customers, but if I have availability, I am happy to do some public research for you and share my findings.

I plan to post weekly starting July, 2018, schedule permitting.  Subscribe and I will notify you whenever I post new content.